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to Innovate

Our history is characterized by our way of being of facing things and of keeping them effective and is constantly supported by the passion to innovate.
The knowledge acquired and our exclusive method based on the experience, allows us to constantly innovate the offer, both in Italy and in the various countries of the world in which we operate.

From 20 years
is our greatest

We guarantee you an integrated quality system

We are a company specialized in the research, development and production of starters cultures, probiotic cultures and food supplements, selected for the dairy industry and other companies in the food sector. We guarantee the quality of our products through an accurate control of all the production chain steps and we integrate, in an exclusive and flexible Method, all company activities, from research to marketing.
Metodo M&B

to renew the Challenges
and always improve

We Innovate, Test and Guarantee

Our exclusive method is called the “Metodo M&B” and expresses, in concrete operational flows, the integration of all company activities: the innovation of production, research and commercial processes, having, as its main goal, the satisfaction of customer needs. “We innovate, test and guarantee” represents the synthesis of the operational activities that are the basis of our offer system and keeps us constantly updated with the evolution of world markets.

we innovate

through a perfect TEAM GAME based on goals and synergies, ALWAYS oriented to the MARKET and CUSTOMERS.

we test

our innovations BEYOND STANDARDS by tran-sferring solutions to the MARKET in a CONCRETE way.

we guarantee GARANTIAMO

the EXPECTATIONS of the markets and Customers in a concrete way accompanying the PRODUCTS until their APPLICATION.


We always validate our INNOVATIONS

By means of trials in our dairy pilot plant

In order to qualify and provide unique products, we pay particular attention to research and development activities that we support also thanks to collaborations with public and private Research Centers and with highly experienced professionals. All formulations are validated in our DAIRY PILOT PLANT. The optimization and adequacy of the products are tested in trials, before they reach the markets. In this way our technicians, together with the Customers, concretely verify the characteristics of the product range, the application advantages and the effectiveness of the offer system.

at the service of
Quality and

We value talent and skills for the best result

The offer system provides customers with specialized technical support able to identify the most suitable solutions for their production needs. Thanks to the Igea international network we are able to offer this type of support in all countries of the world. At our dairy pilot plant we continuously study and test new solutions and organize training sessions and workshops for our customers and our partners.

for every latitude

We diversify the offer for increasingly demanding markets

We are able to keep our offer constantly updated and diversified also thanks to the contribution of the international network of Igea, in continuous expansion. We are constantly working to expand our strain bank and update the formulations, making the products always actual and bringing continuous innovation to the “Metodo M&B”.

and a Unique vision

An approach to internationalization with a mix of skills

The Mediterranea Biotecnologie company considers the Italian market as a privileged reference and the foreign market its main goal of expansion. To implement the internationalization program, in 2015 it was decided to create the Igea company, a company and a brand dedicated to the marketing of lactic acid bacteria and probiotic cultures in all markets around the world. Igea, thanks to its ability to develop relationships and skills at an international level through its network, exports its offer system by applying the “Metodo M&B”.

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for our Future

A sustainable and ethical approach

We believe and invest in the main points of economic, social and environmental sustainability that we trust to be the basis of modern business management and that match with our history. For us, sustainability means protecting the environment through concrete actions aimed to limite the waste of resources, supporting the ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION. We believe it is important to promote the environmental culture in our company through training, awareness courses, raising and encouraging talent. For us it is important to stay tuned with customers, collaborators and partners in finding shared solutions, protect the quality and transparency of our offer and be supportive.

We believe in the green culture at 360°

– Digitized corporate supports accessible with QR Code

– Organization of events and meetings in video call

– Digital management of internal company documentation

We limit consumption and emissions

– We focus our resources on highly qualified activities 

– We avoid dispersion of resources in procedures of little strategic impact

We produce clean energy for our activities

– Over 30% of the energy consumed in the company is self-produced

We support the culture by promoting merit and talent

– Sensitive staff to a correct green management

– Training courses to support business growth

– Transversal workshops between business skills to enhance teamwork

– Exchanging collaborations to constantly enrich the skills of the staff and the company

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