Production and marketing of starter cultures and probiotics
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Mediterranea Biotecnologie


Mediterranea Biotecnologie, not only offers innovative and customized solutions in terms of product, but supports its customers to integrate them into their own production processes. It's this conjunction that transforms its business relationships into real partnerships.
Provides constant and comprehensive support to its customers, aiming to achieve a goal of a concrete product:

- evaluation of the best solutions in terms of product

- identification of the most appropriate formulation in reference to the desired application

- identification of the specific process of use

– products stable and reliable in performance

– absolute guarantee of traceability

– full compliance of all the regulations relating to hygiene, food safety, and labor.

Mediterranea Biotecnologie has made innovation and response capability the foundation of their business.
Its supply system is enhanced and complete thanks to a constant technical and commercial support guaranteed by a highly qualified and constantly updated staff.