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Safety and innovation of pasta filata


Food safety and innovation in the production of mozzarella cheese

The chain of mozzarella cheese in Molise: journey through tradition, quality and innovation - Monteverde Bojano 10 August 2013

The conference, realized in the local area of production of pasta filata cheese where the company originates, is focused on the concept of “quality” of mozzarella cheese, according to the different aspects and the prospects in terms of quality assurance and product innovation. The “quality” according to the consumer, “quality” according to the legislation and “quality” according to the production system

The consumer can intend “quality” the nutritional content and for the linkage to the territory and the history of the product.

European legislation imposes controls on the absence of risks in raw materials, implementation of the Hygiene Package and the rules on traceability. 

The production system applies a quality system through the selection of suitable raw materials without risks, monitoring and standardization of process and control of the distribution chain.

The food scandals of last years could convince companies to choice more controlled and standardized processes. Choices of companies could be oriented not only to the price policy, but to improve process and product.

Improving process through innovation of plant and use of technological coadjutants and improving products through transformation in functional food (reduced content of cholesterol or lactose, as carrier of probiotic or beneficial substances).

S. D’Alonges - PHD in Food Biotechnology - R&D Manager 


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