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Method for research of diacetyl


Chromatographic method for determination of diacetyl in fermented milk

Campobasso 4 settembre 2007

Diacetyl is the compound responsible of typical flavor of butter and different dairy products. The metabolite is the results of fermentation process of some lactic acid bacteria (LAB), its determination is a useful to check the quality of starter cultures that produce big quantities of these molecules. 

Mediterranea Biotecnologie collaborated with University of Molise to find out a new chromatographic method to verify the content of diacetyl in fermented milk obtained with strains of Lactococcus lactis, diacetyl producer.

After fermentation process the metabolite is extract by the mean of solvent and directly analyzed by the mean of chromatographic analysis. The analysis confirmed high recovery of diacetyl in fermented milk.

S D’Alonges - PhD in Food Biotechnology - R&D Manager


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