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Characterization of streptococci


Characterization of strains of streptococci and their potential application in freeze-dried starter cultures for yoghurt 

16th Workshop on the Developments in the Italian PhD Research on Food Science Technology and Biotechnology - Lodi 21-23 September 2011

The aim of present work, realized between Mediterranea Biotecnologie and University of Molise,   is the identification and evaluation of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated by dairy products, as yoghurt and fermented milk, to establish their technological potential for their application in fermented foods.

Main biochemical and physiological characteristics of streptococci investigated in this study are the acidification capability and production of exopolisaccharides both in vitro and in vivo systems.

The strains with interesting technological performances are under posed to industrialization simulation.

This freeze-dried cultures show interesting perspective in application of freeze-dried starter cultures for yoghurt and fermented milk production. 

Keywords: Fermented Milk, streptococci selection, acidifying strains,viscous strains.

S. D’Alonges - PHD in Food Biotechnology - R&D Manager


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