Production and marketing of starter cultures and probiotics
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Mediterranea Biotecnologie

SME and microbial biotechnology

Coltivazioni Microbiologiche

Italian SME in field of microbiology and microbial biotechnology

31th SIMGBM MEETING - Ravenna 23-26 September 2015

Mediterranea Biotecnologie is a company involved in the research, production and marketing of starter cultures for food application, especially for dairy market. During the workshop the company presents its experience in microscopic attention to the needs of markets and requirements of customers. After historical excursus, today the MeB System is the result of integration of different Departments. The New Products are proposed by Technical Department, verified by R&D and standardized by CQ; finally they are realized by Production Department. Marketing/Sales and Technical/Sales Departments propose, evaluate and optimize the products for the Customers, according to their suggestion.

The company promotes all the department, with a special focus on R&D activities involved in different activities.  The R&D work is based on selection of new bacterial strains from natural sources or Strain Banks and strains evaluation under different aspects. R&D is involved in the build-up of new collaboration with different aims. Creation of new research Networks Contracts and partnerships. Collaboration with research institutes and universities worldwide.

MEB activities can be resumed from “LOCAL”, considering the Origin and Microscopic Approach, to “GLOCAL”, considering the same approach to World-wide Experiences.

S. D’Alonges - PHD in Food Biotechnology - R&D Manager


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S. thermophilus and yogurt production

 Streptococcus thermophilus

Identification, characterization and industrialization of strains of Streptococcus thermophilus for yogurt production

XXV PHD Course in Food Biotechnology - Department of Agriculture, Environment and Food - Campobasso 4 February 2013

The modern processes of food production require high level of standardization, especially for the fermented food production that includes biotechnological processes in which biotic components present an essential role. Food Industries need a wide range of microorganisms to employ in different technological process, for their important impact on characteristics of fermented food, principally in dairy industries for yoghurt production.

The main aims of PHD project financed by Mediterranea Biotecnologie srl regarded the selection end the evaluation of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) obtained from traditional food, in particular from samples of yogurt and fermented milk. The obtained strains were subjected both to analysis for genotypic identification of species/strain and to analysis for investigation of technological characteristics, in order to identify the microorganisms suitable for yoghurt fermentation process.

The identification was carried out with innovative molecular techniques to confirm the species and to bio-typing the microbial strains, classified as Streptococcus thermophilus.

The technological characterization of streptococci included the study of particular characteristics in terms of their potential application for yogurt fermentation. The main characteristics analysed are reported: capability and speed of acidification, EPS production, production of aromatic compounds, proteolytic activity, bacteriophage resistance.

Moreover, the study was focused on trials for industrialization on pilot scale of the streptococci with interesting technological properties and obtained freeze dried cultures were employed for yoghurt production process

The fermentations carried out with different selected starter cultures confirmed that some strains of streptococci have technological characteristics for the application in yoghurt production.

S. D’Alonges - PHD in Food Biotechnology - R&D Manager


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