Production and marketing of starter cultures and probiotics
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Mediterranea Biotecnologie


Mediterranea Biotecnologie has always recognized that the Research and Development area plays a fundamental role supporting the entire production process. The results are: the development of new products capable of providing innovative solutions which meet the needs of customers, the continuous improvement of product performance range, the support of optimization of production processes.

The function of research and development is carried out through a series of activities closely related to each other: the selection and characterization of strains for the preparation of new products and new "rotations", the study of new substrates (downstream flow) and the conditions for their growth, the isolation of phages and the study of correlations bacteriophage.
The development of new products is carried out on the basis of experimental tests performed in the pilot plant before moving to production on an industrial scale.
The company has strategically expanded the area of Research and Development by establishing a network of national and international collaboration with Universities, Research Institutes and industry experts, public and private, thus providing valuable support to their research activities.
Mediterranea Biotecnologie it is also a reality strongly linked to its territory and the local cultures.
The ability to integrate their international expertise with their local experience has allowed it to become a reference in the institutional accrediting POR measures coordinated by the European Community.

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Quality in starter and probiotic cultures for the food industry.

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Internationalization and partnership add value to the production and widen the range of products marketed.

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The company’s quality system has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 since 2003.