Production and marketing of starter cultures and probiotics
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Mediterranea Biotecnologie


Mediterranea Biotecnologie is a leader in the area of research, development, production and marketing of starter and probiotic cultures for the food industry, in particular for the dairy sector. The philosophy of Mediterranea Biotecnologie is geared to identify, develop and customize their products considering both the needs of the market and the production needs of each individual customer.

This approach means that the professional relationships often evolve into true business partnerships, where customers are supported in all of their production processes. Mediterranea Biotecnologie accompanies its clients in the study and implementation of their products helping them to achieve a unique and personal dairy production. 

ico provetta

Quality in starter and probiotic cultures for the food industry.

ico bandiere

Internationalization and partnership add value to the production and widen the range of products marketed.

ico certificato

The company’s quality system has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 since 2003.